What if every urban legend, conspiracy theory, folktale and ghost story happened to be true?


What if all those claim about secret societies, ancient relics, occult phenomena, alien abductions, men in black, and the things that go bump in the night were genuine?


What if the truth really was out there, and the fantastic awaited you just outside your door, down the street, and around that bend in the road that wasn't there yesterday?

     You would be excused for not being able to tell the difference between the world of Horror Shop and the real one. But the fantastic hides in the shadows and all those myths, fairy tales, urban legends and conspiracy theories just so happen to have an iota of truth. Secret societies and ancient entities battle it out for control of the world, hidden by the Veil, and secretly influencing human civilization through politics, business, religion, and culture.

     Among these these factions are the things that go bump in the night. The monster in your closet and the creature under your bed. The voice that whispers your name when you're alone at night and the face that watches you out of the corner of every mirror. The grey-suited man from the government agency that doesn't exist. The black beast you swore was following you down the lonesome road. The thing outside your window, right now. The sack men, the babau, the shadow people, los cucuys, der butzemann, the bogies, and the jumbies. These are all part of a species of creatures spawned from human phobias and nightmares, the results of our deepest fears: the horrors.

     That's where the Horror Shop franchise comes in. These stores - spread across North America from Anchorage in the North to Colima in the South, and from St. John's in the East to Port Salem in the West - serve as a training ground for adolescent horrors, where they can interact with humanity, learn how to properly haunt their prey, and hone their terrifying craft so they may better draw out the fear they feast upon.

     This story follows the motley staff of the Horror Shop located in historic Port Salem, British Columbia. Now, there's a good reason we picked this particular store, and it's not just because its staff are all abject failures at scaring anything, hate each other's guts, and are generally on the verge of breaking down in all sorts of amusing ways.

     Okay, it's mostly that. But there is more to this story...


Horror Shop is an urban fantasy comic recommended for 13+ for mild profanity, some violence, and gratuitous pop culture references.


Marie Beaudoin

Artist, Animator, Full-Time Weirdo

My fascination with creepy creatures and spooky stories most likely spawned  from growing up in the 90s. Theme song - Everyday is Halloween by Ministry.

I graduated with a Bachelors in Animation and currently working on that pony show everyone is talking about.

My childhood influences still ring true today.

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B.A.J. Visser

Full-time nerd, part-time wonk, sometimes witty, oftentimes late

Halloween has long been my favourite holiday--from the costumes to the cartoon specials to the decorations to the Ravenloft games my dad used to run. This comic--and indeed, the entire Horror Shop universe--is something of a tribute to the holiday, that special time of year where everything seems possible.

In the real world, I have a journalism degree with a double minor in political science and intercultural communications, which I am dutifully putting to work working as a digital marketer, political consultant, and webcomic author.

Follow me on Twitter, where I rant about politics and stuff.

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