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2nd Dec 2019, 4:04 PM


New Site, who this?

Next Blog Hi all!

I'm happy to announce that we've successfully migrated to our new home on ComicFury! All of our current strips have been uploaded, and we'll begin releasing new ones this Thursday! 

I'm expecting we'll be finished Book 2 by February, after which we'll take a short break to revise some of Book 1 in advance of our second printing. We'll be releasing physical copies of Book 1 and Book 2 at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, April 23-26. After that, we'll dive straight in to Book 3! I honestly can't wait to show you all the cover that Marie's cooked up here.

Currently, we are planning on attending the following conventions in 2020:
  • Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, April 23-26 in Calgary, Alberta
  • Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo, May 2-3 in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Panel One Comic Creators Festival, Summer in Calgary, Alberta
  • Calgary Horror Con, June 20-21 in Calgary, Alberta
  • When Words Collide, August 14-16 in Calgary, Alberta
If you're in the neighbourhood, we hope to see you! Otherwise, keep your eyes here for additional events and opportunities.

Stay spooky, everyone!

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