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3rd Oct 2021, 8:00 PM


We're Back!

Previous Blog Good news, everyone!

Under the autumn moonlight, Horror Shop is awakening from slumber to once again haunt your comic feeds--like all the other seasonal Halloween shops!

We're planning on releasing new comics regularly once again here. It might not be at the same clip as before, as we get back into the swing of things and fit this around our current jobs. But you can expect at least two new strips a month, usually released on Tuesdays. The next one is coming out this Tuesday, so keep your third eye open for it.

Our plan is to finish off Chapter 3 by the end of 2022. But that's not going to be end--we've got several more chapters sketched out here. So you can expect more Horror Shop for the foreseeable future--we've barely scratched the surface of Port Salem, and we're eager to share more with you all.

So keep your eyes (or other applicable ocular organs) peeled for more adventures--same horror time, same horror channel!
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